Poor People's Party President, Alex Mulyokela, following deliberations at the Zambia Centre for Inter-party Dialogue (ZCID) summit held at Mulungushi Conference Centre in Lusaka.


Two months ago The Fixing Team reported that the Zambia Council for Interparty Dialogue (ZCID) will hijack the most anticipated National dialogue from the Commonwealth and today we are vindicated.

Commonwealth through its Secretary General Ms Patricia Scotland worked tirelessly 24/7 to facilitate the dialogue between President Hakainde Hichilema and his counterpart from PF Edgar Lungu only to be hijacked by PF sponsored ZCID in the last minute.

Professor Gambari made it clear that no need of wasting time, time to officially kick off the Commonwealth led dialogue is now. Surprising or foolish enough PF decided to sideline the major players from Commonwealth and squeezed their cadres from Zambia Council for Interparty Dialogue to lead the dialogue.

We know some primitive and retrogressive minded people will say Zambia Council for Interparty Dialogue (ZCID) qualifies because it’s composed of indigenous people.

• Where was this thing called ZCID when Mr Hichilema and five others was charged with heinous crimes they did not commit?

Well and good, UPND’s stance is still the Same. ZCID has no capacity to handle the dialogue, therefore let PF continue the dialogue with Alex Muliokela, Tayali and other unknown tuntemba Political parties.

Soon they will scamper like rats and seek refuge from those people they are sidelining today. No wonder they are building outside the country to seek refuge when that time comes.

Those who are too smart to engage in politics are punished by being governed by those who are dumber, this is the right time to wake up and work together for the bigger picture.

Time is the best equalizer!

The Fixing Team.


  1. The day when MMD members withdraw from UPND and reduce UPND to its usual 20% strength, is when they will understand that pride does not pay. Pride comes before a fall. Wait and see!

  2. Not pride dear. Principles. What is the track record of this ur zcid? To argue that upnd is a member or upnd was chair has nothing with zcid lack of capacity and integrity. Pf and its leadership can defy even the concourt, what more zcid? Upnd stay away.


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