By Anthony Bwalya

This is after:

1. The ECZ, police, ZNBC and the courts connived with the PF to ensure that a free and fair election did NOT take place.

2. The ECZ and the police, connived with the PF to hound opposition political party leaders out of CHILUBI, several days ahead of the polls, leaving President Edgar Lungu and the PF to campaign all by themselves.

3. The entire CABINET, DMMU, several DCs abandoned their constitutional posts; in the process abusing several THOUSANDS Kwacha in taxpayers’ money, to go and camp and campaign in CHILUBI.

The PF had an open goal and still couldn’t win convincingly.

Zambians are not stupid. They will redeem themselves from the tyranny of the PF.



  1. Shameless “win” it is! You chess your opponents from campaigning and you campaign alone flouting all electoral rules with impunity and shamelessly say you won? You tie the legs of your opponents and say let’s play soccer and later claim victory? Whole soccer is a game, national elections should never be reduced to games! There are life and death consequences!
    Anyway villagers are easy to cheat!
    Democracy cannot coexist with Poverty, illiteracy and Corruption!
    To the opposition, learn to work together! You need a United front to defeat this determined PF! Bembas say, “Ukupesha Lunshi, you need to defecate in several places.”

  2. Comment:Which opposition leaders were hounded out of Chilubi? Learn to accept defeat and lose with dignity. With all the noise you made over winning a ward in Lupososhi, you’re this time more or 100% dispointed because you fail to face realities. You can not win an election by being perpetual cry babies.

    • Wakishale, MUSATANYOKO, the sperm that created you musatanyina. The sperm you use to create your kind musatanyina.
      Perhaps this language will tell you the level of anger you and your PF are arousing around the country. Once more, MUSATANYOKO. The house, bed and all around your person musatanyina. You open your mouth to eat, that what ever you eat to sustain your unwanted life musatanyina.

  3. Wakishale, if you dont even know which opposition leaders were hounded out of Chilubi, then learn to find out before making comments which are not based on evidence. You are the one who fails to face reality. If you were a serious person , you would not call the opposition cry babies when the ruling PF party connives with the Police to stop opposition leaders from undertaking their campaigns in Chilubi. For sure the opposition could not win the elections in Chilubi due the perpetual tactics of PF avoiding free and fair elections. How can a country develop with people like you Wakishale who are slaves of ignorance even in the abundance of information.

  4. 100% vote for a single party only happens in southern province. You expected 100% vote for PF so that you sing your “tribalism” chorus?

  5. How can you win with such amount of you even hav an idea how many people you hav jst scared away with your insults? UPND supporters need to grow up….only mature people can rule the nation.why are you decampaigning our part serous we need every one for us to win election every vote count….also learn to accept & learn that hatred wil not lead us to victory…don’t wait for 2021 this is the best time to campaign starting at individual level going to household level….& stop thing that every one hate PF you may be disappointed in 2021….So jst campaign without thinking that you hav already won the election.


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