The Patriotic Front has told the UPND to take full responsibility for the death of its member in Kaoma when the two political parties clashed during campaigns for today’s council chairperson by-election.

PF Media Committee chairperson Kay Musonda wondered why each time there is a by election in UPND strongholds, violence and bloodshed have to take centre stage.

“Mapatizya, Livingstone, Sesheke, Monze, now in Kaoma, the list goes on. An ordinary UPND cadre, the late Mapenzi Chibulo was trailed and her last hour on earth documented in different locations by UPND paparazzi up to her last breath. Let HH and UPND explain to the nation what happened to Mapenzi Chibulo instead of trying to frame PF Member Francis Muchemwa over the Kaoma death of a UPND. Mr Muchemwa has been nursing his child the past few months and is nowhere near Kaoma,” Musonda said.

He said the nation is fully aware that police have in custody a UPND cadre from whom they recovered a pistol with live rounds of ammunition.

Musonda says the PF has taken note of statements made by UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema in Kaoma instructing his members to physically defend themselves.

He said this call to arms by the party leader should be condemned by all peace loving and well meaning Zambians as inciting violence by encouraging cadres to resort to physical means has become “a regular anthem in his mouth”.

”President Edgar Chagwa Lungu reiterated his call for all political parties in Zambia to observe peace and practice politics of love and only differ on ideologies. We urge Police to act as instructed by the President and bring all perpetrators and instigators of political violence to book and Police should take keen interest in Mr Hichilema’s remarks and ensure we don’t lose any more lives,” said Musonda.



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