Unpopular Patriotic Front ( PF) has agreed to pump tax payers money in fourth coming by- election in Sesheke Western Province to buy votes and transport unruly cadres to cause confusions in the area.

Sesheke constituency is in PF’s minds and it’s their priority than all past parliamentary by – elections for obviously reasons.

The fast fading [ PF] has however resorted to go back to their evil ugly violently winning formula of intimidating electorates, beating opposition supporters, causing chaotic etc to manipulate the results in the process.

Hundreds of police officers will be deployed in two weeks time in Sesheke to begin the intimidation process before PF put the last nail on the coffin on voting day if opposition UPND will not up their game, the Fixing Team sniffed.

The opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) should not taken by those crowds Mr Hichilema pulled 48 hours ago, PF has been claiming victories through opposition’s intellectual way of politicking.

Our timely warning to UPND is , leave intellectualism in 2018 and get into African politics. Do your political demograph in Sesheke constituency, make sure that you do have enough youths to protect your votes within Sesheke. PF means business and they want Sesheke more than they wanted Mangango constituency hence will do everything possible to claim another shocking victory.

Let the opposition ( UPND) prove a point that indeed they are ready to form government in 24 months time by winning at least four out of six by – elections countrywide slated for 12th February, 2019.

The Fixing Team


  1. UPND must close the border between Southern and Western Provinces at Kasaya and monitor the PF hoodlums entering Sesheke. Monitor all possible entering routes into Sesheke via Mulobezi, Kalobolelwa, Katima Mulilo via Kazungula.


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