Levy Ngoma

Press Release from the UPND:

Contact: Levy Ngoma – Chairman- Agriculture,Food and Water Development.
Cell: 0977 793 004
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Sinda – 13/08/19

The PF’s persistent refusal to declare a humanitarian crisis of food shortages in the country is not only an act of criminality,but is also a weapon of war against poor and hungry people.

Mr Edgar Lungu and the PF are flaunting food as a typical stick and carrot match to intimidate hungry people to vote for them in 2021. They are playing politics with lives of millions of citizens. This exuberant arrogance being lavishly deployed by the President is immoral, unacceptable and placing millions of lives on the brink of disaster.

Food is a fundamental human right and any government that denies its people this critical right is guilty of genocide and crimes against humanity as such criminal decisions affect the most vulnerable of our society such as children and the elderly.

Mr Edgar Lungu and the PF have already caused untold trauma and misery to the population because of a broken down economy which has failed to provide essential drugs in hospitals and affordable food on their tables among many other things. Let them not worsen the situation by refusing to declare a national disaster in order for aid to flow from local and foreign donors.

The magnitude of the problem at hand is daunting and dire and requires international intervention because the PF simply have no capacity as the FRA silos cannot adequately mitigate the humanitarian crisis that is already on our doorstep.

We wonder why the PF through Inonge Wina has persistently indicated that the country is food secure with the government on top of things when hunger is written on the wall.

Mr Edgar Lungu yesterday arrogantly scoffed and mocked at the alarm bells that the Diplomatic community have raised on the impending hunger disaster. The Diplomatic Community speaks from a well informed position and would not raise any red flags if there wasn’t any disaster on the horizon.

Why is the Food Reserve Agency rationing selling of maize to the people at 1 by 50 kilogram bag per household if the country is food secure as the PF wants us to believe?

Foreign donors and governments can only qualify to access their tax payers’ money if the affected government declares a humanitarian crisis. Our Zimbabwean neighbors who face a similar problem have declared a Food Emergency to the international community and aid is now flowing and their citizens are receiving the much needed help from the United Nations and other cooperating partners. What then is wrong with the PF government?

The people of Zambia shall hold Mr Edgar Lungu and his Government accountable for every child, mother, the elderly and indeed any citizen that shall die due to starvation.


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