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PF won the 2021 general elections during the issuance of NRCs and voters registration, says ruling PF member Edwin Lifwekelo.

And Lifwekelo said as opposed to beliefs by the opposition UPND that Chishimba Kambwili has been discarded, he has not been included among the presidential campaign managers for strategic reasons.

Speaking with Daily Revelation, Lifwekelo said the PF already had an upper hand in the 2021 general elections going by the number of people that were issued with the national registration cards and and voters cards in perceived PF strongholds.

“If you just look at the numbers in the PF strongholds how many numbers are appearing there. I think that this election was won during the issuance of NRCs and registration of voters. I am giving you now statistics to say this election to a larger extent was won during those people that were able to manage to get NRCs and the registration,” Lifwekelo said. “You remember during registration, PF made sure that most of the members registered and the numbers are there to tell, the numbers are very high in the PF dominated constituencies and during that period when our people were being told to go and do registration that’s the period UPND and the other political parties were telling their members not to, because they did not trusts the process.

They came on board kuma last minute and started rushing their people and camping in southern province and other areas.”

Lifwekelo said the PF carried the day “in terms of ensuring that most of their members and just generally even people who do not support PF got their NRCs and they registered as voters while others were sitting and waiting, because an election is not won on the day you are going to vote.”

Lifwekelo said elections were won and lost during the issuance of NRCs and registration of voters.

“So now the task to get those numbers which people registered it’s now your job to mobilise those people that registered so that they can go and vote. So that’s where the trick will be, and to protect the vote,” Lifwekelo said. “So if you don’t carry people, the registered they stay home, they move from a distance at point A to point B they cannot move to go and vote. People will just sit if you don’t provide transport. Going by those numbers already the PF have got an upper hand…those are just facts on the ground.”

And Lifwekelo said it was for strategic reasons that Kambwili had not been named among the presidential, running mate and provincial campaign managers for PF.

He said Kambwili did not need to be appointed into any position to play a role in the campaigns.

“And just for arguments purposes assuming that he is found wanting okay and then you have appointed him as a campaign manager, your colleagues on the other side will definitely capitalise to say within their file and ranks they have fugitives or they have criminals that have been indicted for certain crimes that they have committed,” he said.

Lifwekelo said as opposed to the statements by UPND deputy secretary general Patrick Mucheleka that Kambwili had been used and dumped, Kambwili will be supported by the system to go out and do the campaigns, adding he was confident the PF will win.

“Even when you are losing you can tell the ground, like in 2011 you knew that uyu muntu bazamulasa, azavima pelete (in apparent to then opposition leader Michael Sata defeating incumbent Rupiah Banda).”

Lifwekelo also said President Edgar Lungu’s appointment of Professor Nkandu Luo as his running mate will inspire more economic development and sound leadership that would take the country to another level, as the Prof brought with her immense academic and political experience. -Daily Revelation


  1. This sickly starved starved creature, does he have brains left any more. Who even pains attention to him I wander.

  2. @ Max, totally with you. Now the game plan is to ensure at all costs that Kopala & Lsk provinces do not swing to opposition as the swing provinces, hence using Covid to restrict campaign rallies…….

  3. Edwin Lifwekelo is openly saying all those who obtained NRC and Voter cards in so called PF strongholds have no brains to decide how to use their secret votes during the 2021 elections. Lifwekelo has been engaged to trick the opposition in thinking they have already lost in so called strongholds. Opposition should continue campaigning and respecting that voters have brains and will use their secret vote wisely in August 2021. These rantings by Lifwekelo as well as the use of COVID to restrict campaigns for the opposition should be used to de-campaign PF.

  4. This Lifwekelo wants to demotivate the opposition from campaigning for votes by claiming PF has already won. The opposition should deal with his naked lies and his insulting of voters!!


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