PF WILL not survive in 2021, says Democratic Party leader Harry Kalaba.

Kalaba says the PF government is broke because of recklessness in its governance.

He said this when he featured on a live phone-in programme at Mafken FM Radio in Mufulira.

“Now look at the way Mufulira is looking today! People are dying even of simple diseases, but all this can be stopped within a period – 2021. God will not give you in your hands, he will just bring closer to you. If you don’t register as voters, then forget, because your suffering will not end,” Kalaba said. “Today I have come to the Copperbelt to encourage them to register [as voters]. If Copperbelt registers, PF will not survive, come 2021.”

He said there is anger in the hearts of many Zambians.

“It’s not me who wants to be President of Zambia. It is the Zambian people that want to change their livelihood; send their children to school and the graduates to get employment,” Kalaba said. “Next year you don’t know what will happen. People can just look simple but you don’t know what they are thinking.”

He said change was coming because people have endured even the cumbersome voter registration exercise.

“Though the process of registering is cumbersome, but people have endured. This shows that people are eager to make that change. The ECZ made a budget but this broke government did not give them money. But what shocks (me) is that this government had money for Bill 10, which failed. The message on Bill 10 was all lies. The President has the power to nominate eight MPs, but from that eight do we have any youth, any disabled? That is all lies!” Kalaba said. “Today, the ECZ is moving about. Life and death is in the hands of the Zambian people to save themselves. They need to put a government that will be in their hands, not every day begging from the Chinese. Make sure that you register as voters.”

He said donors were holding back their investment because they can’t “trust the PF with long hands.”

“Donors…this is not even a thing to hide. The government has not given ECZ money. Electoral process is very emotive. Donors have refused to give money to people that have no clean hands, and that is why donors are not willing to give,” Kalaba said. “Now you buy a presidential jet and you think donors can help you with such recklessness! That plane will be sold. Zambia has serious problems and suffering. Only those that are close to them can say they are happy.”

He said the ECZ should extend the voter registration period to another 30 days.

“ECZ should extend the voter registration period. Let it go to the end of the year. Let people register in numbers so that they speak through the ballot,” he said.

Kalaba warned that the don’t kubeba which the PF used in 2011 would work against them this time.

“People will now eat from the PF without fail,” he said.

He further said donors were like businessmen. “They can’t invest in countries that have people with long hands, without accountability and transparency,” Kalaba asked. “The PF government is broke, period! We can’t even ask any more. Another five years of PF, we will close the country because donors can’t continue to fund Zambia. China is a good ally to Zambia, but they are not helping us. China is giving us loans that we can’t pay back.”

Meanwhile, Kalaba said those charged with COVID-19 funds would have to account.

“COVID-19 funds are misapplied and missing, but they will know and tell us where the money is,” he said.

Kalaba thanked the Democratic Party for endorsing him as its 2021 presidential candidate.

“We talk about democracy but we don’t use this democracy in the country. So the DP last week during the convention, they opted for me to stand on DP. If there are people that are spreading lies that I will support this one and that one, no it’s a lie, Harry Kalaba is standing,” said Kalaba.


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