By Chileshe Mwango

The opposition Patriotic Front –PF- has written to the United States Charge’ de Affairs in Zambia David Young to complain about US President Joe Biden’s reference to the former ruling party as corrupt.

While addressing the United Nations General Assembly recently, US President praised Zambian youths for removing the PF, a party he said was corrupt from power through a vote.

But PF Vice President Given Lubinda says the former ruling party feels injured by sentiments issued by Mr. Biden.

Speaking when he featured on the Phoenix FM’s Friday edition of “Let the people talk programme”, Mr. Lubinda has charged that the US President should appreciate Zambia for teaching his country true democracy as opposed to what obtains there.

Mr. Lubinda says while Zambia has had smooth transition of governments, the US government has failed as witnessed by the recent refusal by former us president Donald Trump to hand over power to Mr. Biden.

Meanwhile, Mr. Lubinda has accused the UPND government of victimizing patriotic front members on the pretext of investigating all corruption by the former ruling party.


  1. Do you really want to go this route. You will be unwise to do so. It’s not Zambia he called corrupt. It was you as a party.

    Don’t forget that you leave within the people. We know you from way back. It’s evident you amassed your wealth while you were in office. Maybe a few in the party are innocent and you chased most of them anyway.

    So before you embarrass yourself further, just swallow this pill. It’s true you have been very corrupt. The whole world knows. Even Heaven knows too.

    Since you have started the fight let’s see how far you go.

  2. US-Zambia relations are driven by state parties and not political parties. I don’t know wht Davies Mwila and Given Lubinda are trying to achieve here.

  3. Can someone please tell the other polite word to use instead of the word corruption.
    Probably we can say pf was taking money from Zambian treasury without permission, or taking without someone seeing or better still blinding our eyes in day and taking just Infront of us happily.
    I think the word corruption is too strong for Pf.
    Okey ba pf just as Biden said, I think you are absolutely right, you are not corrupt, but only helping yourselves with our tax money without our permission.

  4. Please the Patriotic front party should not pretend as if what the American President lied ,the American President Joe Biden can not and will never say something which doesn’t exist; mind you the Americans have the most sophisticated intelligence system in the whole world and thiers can even go beyond bedrooms ~in this case all the small deals the PF regime were making are known and to prove this was the statement Biden made. Let the likes of Bowman Lusambo not play with America because it may end up with most PF surrogates being punished because of careless behavior.The PF have forgotten that the fire tenders were procured in America at a price which was not the true value hence if the PF needs to know that since they are adamant let them prepare for the worst to happen to them so that they can sober up.

  5. Lubinda is an idiot…
    He doesn’t know what happened during the pf regime. The list is endless to see PF corruption
    Expired drugs
    48 houses
    42 fire trucks

  6. Bisen lie? No, Biden is not lie. He told on point. Pf do bad thing to this country. President only watch, wine and dine.They dance that song, Abwelelepo.

  7. Shut up you idiot Lubinda. We don’t want to hear anything about your PF. You bunch of mafias who only saw good of yourself because you were the only beneficiaries.
    Until now you can’t see that the majority of the population rejected you because you were so self centred. Go to hell with your PF and we are wondering who you’re representing.

  8. Typical PF! A political party writing directly to a foreign country. Do they know what the ministry of foreign Affairs is for?. When your highest qualification is a diploma in agriculture it is better to concentrate on growing cabbages, than try to do things you do not understand.

  9. I really don’t know which demon brought Lungu’s PF near the corridors of power. Personally I strongly and without any apology believe that Lungu’s PF has never and can never win any elections in Zambia.

    Biden like any other citizen in the global community knows about Samuel Chavula from Uganda in the ECZ server room, the masquerades at Concourt and their stifling and strangling of the petition, the inflated and deflated numbers of votes to favor the LPF, the failure by ECL to surrender the instruments to the speaker during the petition period, the illegal ministers, the scandals in almost every ministry.

    Biden know all that as the genesis of corruption. It is only someone who chooses to borrow the instincts from a rabid dog who can waste time disputing the FACT that LPF has been the worst corrupt camp of idiots, thieves, plunderers, murderers and Mwankoles who imposed themselves on the Zambian people with impunity for which they are about to pay for holding power on false pretense.


  10. Lubinda is angry at Biden because he used an obscured descriptor- corrupt (kolapt by Lusambo). Actually, corruption is a fancy word which smooths over the real vice – robbery. Please call pfools government for who they are- a gang of robbers, a den of thieves. Ba mwankole!

  11. Mr. Lubinda, just stay mute. Zambians were in Hell under PF leadership thats why they turned against you by voting PF out. Corruption, maybe if we can remind you- Fire Tenders, health medications, gassing killing inocent people by the so called police officers, arrest inocent people, etc. So you think the world was not watching?

  12. Mate, Mate, Mate I called you three times and you are wondering why. I am exceptionally impressed with your write up herein. Keep it up!


  13. Given Lubinda,Stealing by Government Officials when Everyone’s Eyes are Closed in Prayers and Fasting still amounts to Grand corruption.

    Now that you are even daring the New Dawn Government by your rantings, brace your good self for further legal battles.

    our full recovery of monies Corruptly earned as illegal shameless Ministers is long overdue.

    His Excellency President Hakainde Hichilema is on record that what Given Lubinda, Mwila and all other Ministers paid was just for accepting the illegality, Corruption.

    Essentially, they are to be made to pay back all Allowances, Fuel and Talk Time expenses. That was Grand corruption which we will not allow you to pay back but to be send your arrogant self to Prison or Jail.

    Because you adhered to a dictate of Democracy by handing over instruments of powers does not make you corrupt free person in any way.

    Just organize yourself Lawyers and begin making consultations on whether you can be Jailed or not.



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