1 USD = K21.3

25 KG Mealie Meal = K150 – K170 in some parts of Zambia (at peak)

1 Litre petrol = K17.62

Inflation Rate = 18% (double digit inflation!)

5 Litres Cooking Oil = K180

Tray of eggs = K49


200% electricity price increase, just one year after a 70% increase.

18 hours of daily load shedding.

1 Fire truck = $1 Million

1 Ambulance = $288,000

1 Toll gate = $4.8 Million


First government to come under AFDB sanctions for debt default, joining Somalia, Sudan and Zimbabwe.

First African country to fail to repay Eurobond debt.

Mukula export discrepancy of $180 Million, China declares imports of $194 Million while Zambia only declares exports of $13 Million


First government to introduce a health tax.

First government to introduce a borehole water tax.

First government to have motor vehicle import duty higher than the cost and shipping of the actual vehicle.


National Budget = 51% salaries, 40% debt repayment, only 9% social services delivery.

$135 Million Presidential Jet acquisition.

Bill 10.

Degazetted the most forest reserves of any government and shared the land amongst themselves.

Handed over Zambia’s Gold reserves to Sudanese nationals with no mining history.


First government to scrap student meal allowances since 1964.

Worst national hunger situation in the country since 1992.

JCTR Food basket per family of K7,500 (the minimum monthly cost of living per average family to live above poverty line)

Cost per km of road built = $1.2 million ( Cost in neighboring Botswana and Namibia is $600,000 per km of road)


First Zambian President to exceed 100 foreign trips ( he’s done it in under 5 years), more trips than Rupiah Banda, Michael Sata and Levy Mwanawasa combined.

K17 Million spent in 3 days on shopping, cocktails and luxury cruises during Presidential trip to the U.N in 2017


17 year RTSA concession for speed camera revenue to Austrian firm worth over $50 Million

K18 Billion lost to illicit financial activities and corruption between 2015-2018 (FIC DATA)

48 Ghost Houses with seemingly no owner, no title deeds, but tenants pay rentals.


Delivery of the 4 oldest fire trucks in the world, manufactured in the 1980’S, imported by the First Lady at a total cost of K4.5 Million.

Miracle police bicycles with no known source. Even they don’t know where the bicycles came from.

First government to suspend human rights and freedoms since 1991.


Police Brutality.

Breakdown of the rule of law.

Compromised courts of law.

First government in the third republic attempting to return Zambia to a one party state.

Small Kamwala Honeybee Pharmacy not registered at PACRA gets $17 Million contract to supply expired drugs and condoms.

Over K1 Billion Covid 19 Funds stolen.
Sold Zambia to China.


First government to tolerate citizens abuse by Chinese nationals.

Richest ministers in history with no known businesses.

Cadres becoming more powerful than police.

These are some of the new national records and achievements set by the PF government of ECL.


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