The PF in anticipation of the upcoming parliamentary by election in Katuba Constituency has engaged in the same electoral malpractices that they employed in Roan, Sesheke, Bahati and other areas that have recently experienced by elections.

4 weeks ago they sent road graders to pave gravel roads in Katuba. These are the same graders that were in Roan and Sesheke before that.

And in the last few days Health Minister Chitalu Chilufya has been camped in the constitutency delivering fake promises to the people of Katuba.

Chitalu Chilufya went to Katuba to allegedly donate an ambulance from President Edgar , an ambulance which they have temporarily redeployed from UTH to Katuba to dupe and deceive the people.

They even went as low as to parade her royal highness chieftainess Mungule of the Lenje people to receive these fake donations.

As if this was not enough, he even went further as to hold fictitious ground breaking ceremonies for construction of two new hospitals in Katuba.

This has become the modus operandi of the PF, and the people know it now. They initiate fake development projects for the duration of the campaign period and after the campaign they withdraw the facilities and move them to the next districts.

Have they started construction of the hospitals in Sesheke, Roan or Bahati? Are there any contractors on site?

The same road graders that are in Katuba today are the same ones that were in Roan in April, before Roan they were in Sesheke and Kafue.

President Edgar Lungu has totally neglected the people of Katuba, the only thing Lungu has built in Katuba is the toll gate. He now wants to dupe them to vote for him.

Lungu doesn’t see the people of Katuba as fellow citizens of his level, he considers them as objects or tools to be used to achieve his own ends and then dumped after the election.

But we have faith in the intelligence and character of the people of Katuba, they will do to PF what the people of Roan did to PF.


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