Honestly when other doors closes, God can indeed open huge doors in future for you.

This is Artits Ty2’s ex-wife Larria Ndafoka who was married for six years to our Zambia’s conman Artist Ty2.

Ms. Ndafoka was dumped after giving ty2 three children when the artist decided to marry another woman leaving her to struggle with three children.

Larria Ndafoka is the woman who sponsored Ty2’s first video song ‘Smile’ which was composed specifically for her.

Ty2 fall in love with Ms. Ndafoka because she had a bit of resources. After their marriage, she and her family sponsored their honeymoon and took Ty2 to the United states of America were the two stayed for four years and later returned back home in Zambia.

However after the woman become broke while in Zambia, Ty2 dumped her with their three children and married another woman in 2016. The woman who was also in fast and furious uploaded pictures of her and Ty2 on white horses which left Ms. Ndafoka depressed for over a month.

While struggling to get a job and raise her three children, Surprisingly God has poured favour on Ms. Ty2’s ex wife after a 43 Year old Canadian business mogul Dan smock decided to tie the knot with her after dating for two years.

Dan smock has also adopted Ty2’s three children who will be canadians. All the three children have a new dad who has promised to protect them from any harm.

Congratulations to Mrs. Smock once again!

‘Smile’ forever!


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