This is how the PF has so much trivialised the much anticipated dialogue which they want Zambia centre for Interparty Dialogue – ZCID to spearhead instead of the much more serious and neutral Commonwealth or the Church. In the picture posted on Pro PF Millenium Radio, renowned political comedian Alex Muliokela is seen attending a summit organised by ZCID.

UPND and other more serious parties have boycotted and want seriousness attached to the process while PF insists on having ZCID to spearhead it.

There are many contentious issues that ZCID can jump on, there is Fresher Siwale, there is fighting in Chilanga, there is confusion in PF and MMD so if ZCID wants to be seen to be relevant they can get involved in these problems instead of jumping on a ship that was started by the church and the commonwealth.



Poor People’s Party President, Alex Mulyokela, following deliberations at the Zambia Centre for Inter-party Dialogue (ZCID) summit held at Mulungushi Conference Centre in Lusaka.


  1. I took time to listen to what Muliokela was talking. This man is very intelligent and his IQ is extremely high. The one who bewitched him did a lot injustice to the country. However his attending the summit has made it irrelevant and serious to the dialogue process. It is unfortunate that the organisers turned it into a circus.

  2. Actually, Muliokela is more intelligent than Lungu. He knows his facts and his only problem is poverty. When UPND forms Government, this guy will benefit from the citizen empowerment policy so that he can meaningfully participate in the political discourse of our country – unlike now when he is treated as a joker when he is actually more sensible than Lusambo and Chitotela combined.


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