When he was Agriculture Minister:
1. A bag of 25 KG Breakfast mealie meal was being sold at K24 and Roller at K17.
2. We had bumper harvest each and every year.

Only some intelligent people that did Social Studies at Primary School level will know him.
Who is this man and tell us what you remember him for. …


  1. One of our great heros. Mundia Sikatana – a great man indeed. Thanks ZO for reminding us, least we forget such men. You know, this mediocre regime will not have anybody think of men like Mundia Sikatana. Please HH, remember his family when you sit on that chair.

  2. Greatest Man who had passion to Zambian People by having enough food on their tables with equity sharing mostly street Children and no other than SIKATANA Agriculture Minister in NEW DEAL

  3. Mundia Sikatana. I remember very vividly when one day I went to UTH. I was standing in a queue and realised that the man in front of me in the same queue was the former Agric Minister. So humble! He was wise and intelligent

  4. When Zambia Airways liquidated this man saved a lot of ex-employees when he took up the mantle of guiding through the quagmire of acquiring homes, getting paid something from the liquidation and generally defending them from the sharks! Yessss! He speaks from out there back to us all!

    • Is sunday Chanda anywhere close?
      If Sunday was as Holy as the day is, He would just be as productive as this old man in the picture.
      Now, Chanda has no relevance to the current economic ills.

  5. Mundia Sikatana

    He made statements such as follows:
    – Why is talk time so expensive in Zambia because when I was in USA I bought air time for $2 (that time approximately K5000 (K5 rebased)), and was able to make international and local calls, something which was not possible in Zambia then. He pleaded for mobile companies to reduce the cost of air time.
    – He said “there is a neighbouring country which is confusing Zambians because the people of this country just do two things; “if they are not FIGHTING then they are DANCING”.
    _ Let us consider preference on the use of Cow Dung to chemical fertilizer.

  6. I vividly remember Sikatana as our “asogoleli” (leader) at UNZA in the early seventies. In my travels in the wider world, I have never come across any one that could sway the masses with such passion as Sikatana was able to. Whenever he took to the podium we knew we were in for great oratory performance. He always delivered. He was destined to do so a lot for the nation. He was a great man.

  7. Comment:Mundia Sikatana – Mr Cow Dung – kikikiki….oh my God a great Man indeed!! MHSRIP. pls remember him for what he promoted, why being so forgetful bene zambia

  8. Mister cow dung himself!!! Ignorant people laughed at him when he suggested use of animal manure instead of relying totally on inorganic ferts. Well, look at history and judge for yourself whether his ideas where farfetched after all!!

  9. A great man indeed, but is it feaseabe now to have those prices now when farmers are demanding more than K100 for a 50kg bag of maize? At that time, those prices were still too high.


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