The Nigerian state Police have arrested two men after being found cooking and eating human beings.

On a Saturday afternoon 29th October, Police captured two men red handed while feeding on human flesh while still even possessing some of the yet to be cooked bodies.

According to residents of Kiboga, a village located along Hoima road, these two men have been killing and feeding on fellow village mates as people have always been disappearing without any trace not until these two men were suspected and later on captured with all the needed evidence.

The feeding on fellow human beings was described by many locals as inhuman and an act of witchcraft.

The villagers demanded the state police to handle over the two predators to them so that they deal with them without mercy





  1. The Government should investigate the cause of such an incident bcaus probably it’s from long ago and some tribes could be really suffering there without our knowledge. Eating other human beings means there is a serious problem in that area. why, the Government should find out and tell us. The root cause must be investgated, dealt with and to all our understanding. It’s bad. God help us please.


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