THERE where wild celebrations at court when the Constitutional Court declared that President Edgar Chagwa Lungu was eligible to stand for another term of office.

PF supporters numbering several hundreds broke into wild celebrations outside the ConCourt when the final ruling was read following a judgment delivery of almost one hour thirty minutes.

The crowds that gathered outside celebrated triumphantly in what appears a secured 2021 win for President Edgar Chagwa Lungu should he decide to have his name on the ballot.

Patriotic Front supporters plastered the streets in PF regalia and where led by their Secretary General Davis Mwila and Deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri.

The over jubilant supporters engulfed in the melodious rubble rousing songs of the PF and President Lungu and it was Dununa Reverse blasting through the speakers of motor vehicles.


  1. Unless God intervenes, HH your chances have been pushed to 2026. I wonder if by then you would have gone for a convention.

    • False thinking ecl will not win the2021 elections believe or yes only pipo like who not focused can be thinking of election pf into govt


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