If you are on one end of the political divide, Pilato’s Koswe Mumpoto [a rat in the pot] is an unsavory piece of artwork.

And if you are on the other end, you will be grandstanding the singer for freely expressing his views for what you would claim is obtaining in the country.

Whichever side of the coin you claim to represent, Pilato’s ingenuity has revolutionized political debate in the country.

When critically looking at the feedback the Koswe Mumpoto satire has generated, the impact tells it all. He is an artiste in his own class.

The singer has changed the course of our discussion. Using contemporary art, he has rattled the political base.

In a non general election year, local musicians are ordinarily on the periphery of the political spectrum.

Their role in politics is rather insignificant, at least for now when Dununa Reverse or Donchi Kubeba mean nothing, but a collection of computer beats. Yet Pilato has just changed the course.

The Kitwe-based poet has even created some short term income generating opportunity for his fellow artistes who were waiting for 2021 to earn a of income from political parties.

Thanks to Pilato, his fellow artistes re now falling all over the place to show their relevance to the ruling elite with less than impressive replies. But they are making the money, anyways.

Let’s face it. Art is controversial. Art can divide opinions and Pilato is doing just what he is called to do although not the Iris Kaingu way.

He follows through some of the most controversial artistes seen beyond our borders.

It’s therefore unfortunate to see Pilato being subjected to the backlash. What our country should be doing is harnessing the gem Pilato is. Let’s forget the politics; look at his immense talent and how he is able to lead national debate.

Take a moment. Listen to Koswe Mumpoto; listen and listen carefully. Pick the brains that puts together a thought process that stirs the debate we are having.

For once, let’s divorce our political opinions, emotions and bias from the ultimate interpretation from the lyrics Pilato’s compilation.

One will be far from agreeing Pilato is a rare breed. The young man deserves the country’s backing.

Pilato deserves the support of all well meaning Zambian. His talent is exceptional, and it is this unique type of art Zambia needs to promote.




  1. Music is not something to just comeout with any how,,,, music is a verb to a soul for change…
    big ups to ba pilato for putting sense in the minds which are dead for now ,hopefully all politicians have learnt…


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