Pilato Writes:

Oh wow! We are “shocked”.

To underestimate the power of an ant is the folly of the elephant.

Our application has been dismissed even without hearing it on the basis that the United Party for National Development has a similar case with Judge Chitabo.

This case presents the judiciary an opportunity to justify its relevance in our pursuit for a better society. The failure by the judiciary to do so will justify the loss of confidence by the majority in this institution. Every institution reflects the character of those that lead it, we are watching.

My appeal to the Zambian people is, don’t lose hope, this is playing according to the script that was written with the sweat and pain of those that came before us. The move by ECZ to undermine our electoral process will not go without a challenge. We will fight and defend the constitution to the last drop of our being.

To the P.I.G. (Police Inspector General), You sir must be reminded that the abuse of the men and women in uniform exposes your insecurities. The police officers you punished to come and stand in the sun today are our brothers, sisters, friends and neighbours. We know they are good men and women who have found themselves compromised by the political directionless leadership they have found themselves in.
To all the police officers who came to the Lusaka High Court today, we love and respect you comrades. It is our hope that one day you will get the dignity and honor that comes with serving a country that you so love very much. We understand your struggles and we are very much with you.

Zambia shall be defended by it’s people, both young and the old. We are not stopping here, we will do everything in our power to defend our democracy. We are young but we are not stupid.



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