According to a source at Lusaka Central Police where Mwamba Kambikambi Chilangwa is detained, the is charged with six counts.

Mwamba, who is believed to have imposed herself as administrator following her sister’s death to claim over K600,000, is charged with misrepresentation of facts contrary to section 50 (1) (C) of the National Pensions Scheme Act of 1996, forgery, uttering false documents and obtaining money by false pretences.

Other charges are two counts of depriving beneficiaries, contrary to section 35 (1) (2) CAP 59 and section 14 CAP 59.

Mwamba arrived at Lusaka Central Police at 09:30 hours following a call-out issued to her by the Victim Support Unit of the Zambia Police Service.
Mwamba was immediately led to the holding cells and the source indicated that she would soon appear in court.

Mwamba’s detention followed a complaint from Lusaka resident Andy Kapapa, who claimed that the minister’s wife had imposed herself in the position of administrator of his late wife’s estate following her death early this year.

In an interview, Kapapa complained that he had been a victim of property grabbing following the death of his wife, Chileshe Kambikambi on April 26 this year.

Mwamba is alleged to have forged birth records for Kapapa’s children and swore an affidavit claiming that the deceased was not married.

Kapapa, however, said he married Chileshe in August 2012.

He explained that Mwamba kept his wife’s death certificate so that she could orchestrate a scheme of making herself the sole beneficiary of her sister’s estate.

According to other documentation, Mwamba was paid K641,142.58 by PATH, the company her sister used to work for, and K157,532.12 benefits and a funeral grant from the National Pension Scheme Authority (NAPSA).

Kapapa complained that despite him being entitled to 10 per cent and his children 45 per cent each from the benefits, Mwamba squandered everything she fraudulently obtained and paid to her ZANACO account number 1170810100117 in Kawambwa.

In her affidavit, Mwamba stated that Chileshe was her younger sister and was not married at the time of her death.

“I, Kambikambi Mwamba, of residential number 001, Ministers’ Compound, Mansa swear in confirmation that Chileshe Kambikambi was my young sister and was never married since she divorced Lameck Kamawu in 2012 till she passed on 26th April 2019,” read part of the affidavit.

Kapapa further complained that Mwamba started by declaring that the house of mourning be in Chilanga at her relatives’ dwelling and not at Kapapa’s place where the deceased lived.

“I lost my wife on 26th of April but before [the death] I was having issues with her sister, the wife to Nixon Chilangwa, the provincial minister for Luapula. So when my wife died, her sister, without informing me took the funeral to Chilanga, the residence for the same Nixon Chilangwa and the same wife Mwamba. So because she was the one in possession of the death certificate, two days after we buried on the 1st of May, she went to the High Court and obtained a probate of administrator citing that the deceased was not married,” Kapapa stated, explaining why he reported the matter to police.

“To a contrary, we had been married since August 2012. She [Mwamba] took that certificate of administrator to PATH where my wife used to work and she was paid in her personal account the money indicated on these documents. She later went to NAPSA after forging my son, Chileshe’s birth records and there she was paid some more money, about K146,794.12 and later a funeral grant of K10,738.00 and again the money was paid into a her personal account.”

Kapapa complained that regardless of his sister-in-law getting all the money his wife worked for, she had neglected both his children who are listed as beneficiaries.

“She forged various documentation and everything but after that her lifestyle has changed, you can see from the withdrawals…flying to China, Ndola and all that. Even the child that she took has not benefited from the money because he calls me asking for clothes and money for upkeep,” said Kapapa.

“I am taking care of a small child left by my late wife but ever since we buried, she [Mwamba] has never even called to ask how the child is doing. She has been using the money for her own benefit; just look at the withdrawals just after she was paid. As that was not enough, she even got a BMW that I bought for my wife with my personal money, our house in Ndola and all personal effects like television, fridge and computer



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