By Tinkerbel Mwila

Police in Ndola have blocked the opposition UPND from holding their district intra-party elections despite approving the meeting.

A check at the UPND Ndola district office found heavy police presence in full riot gear.

And Copperbelt Police Commissioner Charity Katanga has revealed to phoenix news that police received instructions last night not to allow the upnd meeting to go ahead.

Ms. Katanga further stated that there is no need for the upnd to go ahead with the meeting of more than 100 people without following health guidelines put in place by the ministry of health to prevent the spread of covid-19.

But UPND Ndola district Spokesperson David Zimba says the action by the police to stop the meeting is illegal.




  1. Police behaviour doesn’t excite any sane Zambian. Pf has continued to suppress people’s freedoms and Zambians must not allow it. Such treatment is causing trauma to young people looking forward to be leaders of tomorrow.

  2. You are stopping your colleagues from practising democracy yet you are sending your pipo to ask con court judges to Deregister any part that hasn’t conducted intra party elections since 2016. What kind of discrimination is this?

  3. PF is a confused government. They just say and do things then do the thinking later. This is the same government that says UPND is not a democratic party but they again block their intra-party elections in the name of COVID-19. It is the same government that opened churches for worship, gymnasiums, restaurants and now in the process of opening schools as well as sending their cadres to disrupt the radio stations in Muchinga province etc.. but they see it fit to block the UPND intra-party elections as if the things they are opening up wont spread the coronavirus. Because I don’t see how these boys being sent to disrupt the radio stations in Muchinga are adhering to the social/physical distancing guidelines. You just don’t know what some people in PF are smoking.


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