RAE Hamoonga has been removed from the Zambia Police Public Relations office, three days after beating Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja to announcing the arrest of suspected gassers.

After tough week of fighting rioters and responding to gassing attacks, on Friday police announced that Kanganja would address the nation on the security situation the following day.

But that same evening, a video of Hamoonga, a deputy police spokesperson at the time went viral with him confirming the arrest of 16 gassers including the funder of the criminal project.

The video was generated by PF-alligned online publication, Smart Eagels.
The following day, during the presser, Kanganja was forced to refute a story published in the Zambia Daily Mail quoting Hamoonga saying the gassing funder had been arrested.

The police chief said only the person through whom the funds were sent had been arrested and not the actual funder.

Today, Hamoonga exited the Police-created WhatsApp group of journalists.
According to sources Hamoonga has been moved to a department yet to be confirmed.
“Rae’s transfer is a normal one. Even myself, I will one day leave PR to work somewhere within Police,” Police spokesperson Esther Mwaata Katongo responded when asked about Hamoonga’s removal.



  1. The truth shall be found, it is just a matter of ime. you can hide it but one day it will show. Ba kanganja the day shall come when you shall tell every storry, that is being consealed . God is watching .

  2. Hoooo,,, any thing starting with H is in trouble , Hamoonga!!! you are in trouble Pray to God it is not very far. Lalofwe talipatali. abamatako ayakulu tukaba mwesha


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