By Logic Lukwanda

Police have confirmed raiding a household of relatives of opposition United Party for National Development UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema’s wife Mutinta in Shibuyunji district in Central Province.

And police have justified the move as a routine operation which was not aimed at harassing or persecuting any individual as it is being reported in some sections of the media.

According to Police spokesperson Esther Katongo, on 19th February, 2021 police conducted searches on various premises in some parts of the country, among them was a household in Shibuyunji district.

She says that the search was conducted by police officers from police service headquarters and was not limited to Shibuyunji but various other places.

Mrs Katongo added that police are by law mandated to conduct a search on any premises or person on reasonable suspicion that anything which is necessary in the criminal justice system may be found.




  1. What’s really wrong with our security services sure we can’t be safe in our own country ati routine but the denied to say those were there officers we need to be realistic at times and call a wrong for what it is.shame on the service and every one involved it’s to much.

  2. My Question is why only targeting one person from UPND HH, what about others from PF and other political party’s your deffence cannot hold water ba police.

  3. This is the most stupid and idiotic statement Zambians have heard, why can’t she mention the so called other places and let the people in those places confirm her lies. The police under normal circumstances are supposed to be truthful, but when the police start telling lies without shame, just know how much rotten the institution has become under abnormal leadership.

  4. Not convincing. Why no pictures of cadres in police uniforms from other various places. It is now clear that it is the police that provoke innocent Zambians.

  5. Mwata Katongo is the most useless doncile police spokesperson zambia police has ever ever produced just the same the PIG.
    You have failed to clean up Chibolya, misisi and George compounds which are highly criminalised and dangerous compounds in there entire country infested with drugs and armed robbers.
    KK was right to calmly call people like you as stupid idiots
    These police officers will be given good retraining to fit the new purpose as having these useful idiots will contaminant the police service we want to see and have


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