It wasn’t a bribe – Police explain Constable Muyunda’s video!

THE CHINESE national seen giving money to police officers in a video that has gone viral on social media was only helping get a police vehicle fixed, Police spokesperson Esther Mwaata Katongo has explained.

Katongo’s explanation has been collaborated by Kilumelume Malawo who facilitated for the meeting between the officers from Chawama Police Station and the Chinese man after their vehicle broke down.

According to Katongo and Malawo, the incident happened on Tuesday after the motor vehicle which the officers in question were using had a break down on their way back to Chawama Police after refueling the motor vehicle from Lusaka Division.

“It was at that point that they met a Mr Mulawo, (the man ain a blue jeans) who is a friend of Constable Muyunda Matale who approached the officers and suggested that his employer would help fix the motor vehicle because it was the same vehicle which officers were using to provide security in the area where they were running a business,” Katongo explained.

“Mr Malawo is an employee at African Media Company which is owned by the Chinese national in the video,” she added.

Katongo said the whole incident was being filmed by the wife of the Chinese national.

“Our main focus as police is in the gift which the officers recieved. According to our institutional gift policy, any gift received from a member of the public should be declared to authorities. This is in a bid to discourge gifts that may compromise the judgement and integrity of police officers. From what we have established so far, the money received was used to fix the motor vehicle,” said Katongo.

In a separate interview, Malawo said he decided to introduce the officers to the Chinese man after their vehicle broke down because the police were working for the community.



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