Police acting on instructions from Stephen Kampyongo today arrested a whistle blower who exposed the irregular issuance of National Registration Cards ((NRCs).

And police this morning interrogated United Party for National Development Secretary General Stephen Katuka for about an hour over the Patriotic Front scheme to rig elections.

Police later stormed the party Secretariat to conduct a search that yielded nothing.

Anthony Bwalya, a member of the UPND MEDIA Team, has been arrested for forgery and altering following his disclosure of illegal NRCs issuance by the agents of the PF.

A few days ago, Anthony Bwalya and with his colleague Mubita Nawa exposed the ruling Patriotic Front scheme to rig elections by displaying five NRCs bearing different names but with the same face which are being given to PF cadres.

The PF has been helping their royal members in Lusaka and the Copperbelt, Northern, Luapula and Muchinga provinces to get multiple NRCs so as to enable them vote multiple times at different polling stations in the coming tripartite elections.

The duo made the revelation on Muvi Television’s Assignment Program were they displayed five NRCs bearing the same face but with different names.

Instead of picking up the lead from the duo and arrest the officers under the Department of National Registration, police acting on orders from Kampyongo last week issued a call out to Nawa and he was interrogated over the exponsure of dirty scheme at Force Headquarters yesterday.

Mwamba was arrested following a four-hour grilling.

Police were later made to wait outside the party secretariat as lawyers were trying to authentic a defective search warrant that did not have the name of the authorising magistrate.

The search yielded nothing tangible and the officers went back empty handed.


  1. Pf, anti you ashamed, the whistle brower tricked you. What has NRC, making got to do with Anthony? Is he a threat with you? for standing in Kabushi? Why not follow your corrupt ministry of home affairs. Where officers are giving your strong hold NRC double. Please stop those nonsense trampled useless charges. You want to make money through locking innocent people. Are the Opposition, ATM machines, where, you should milking their money? You are packing, going 2021, no matter what.


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