Indecent Assault on Female OB No 8285/18.Occurred on 01/12/18 at 20 00hrs at house number 6970 Chinese complex Complainant being F/Denise Mwanakubwila aged 21 yrs of house number 2180 New mushili who complained that she was indecently assaulted by the 5 women she identified as F/Precious Kapambwe aged 25 yrs of the above address. F/Bridget chisha aged 21yrs of house number 6446 Lubuto West.,F/Magrette Mwansa aged 25 yrs of house number 1028 overspill,F/Catherine Banda aged 29 yrs of house number of the above address and F/Maureen Mutale aged 29 yrs of house number 26 Independence Avenue Town centre,Ndola. She sustained bruises in side the vagina and general body pains .The incident happened when the complainant was drinking beer at start point at Masala main market with M/Harrison Mwanza the husband to F/Precious kapambwe. Whilst there the wife to M/Harrison Mwanza showed up in the company of the named women.

Upon seeing that,the husband run away leaving the victim alone. Then F/Precious kapambwe and her friends picked the victim by force and took her to home where she was forced to undress. She was held on both hands and legs by four women and the firth one inserted an empty bottle of castle beer into her private part causing her to sustain the said injuries. One of them started making a video and taking pictures. Police visited the scene and apprehended the named suspects and recovered 2 cell phones containing the vidoe and pictures and clothes belonging to the victim and kept them as exhibit.

The five suspects are in police custody charged with the subject offence. Docket opened and arrest made .The same will before court on Monday 10/12/18. The case came to the attention of the station command today around 1300hrs.


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