Police on the Copperbelt have launched a manhunt for members of a music group called 408 Empire, the makers of ‘chilepule baby’ and ‘St. Anne’ among other songs, for aiding a gang of youths terrorizing the neighborhood.

Reports reaching Zed Gossip indicate that members of 408 Empire are part of a group called Tokota Boys, that is on rampage assaulting people, stealing and also raping women in Kitwe.

The gangsters comprising mostly teenagers meet at the Savage Yard where their ring leader Nigga Lu gives commands and instructions on the day’s execution.

Nigga Lu and Icha who are key in the group are usually praised in all songs by 408 Empire but were arrested on Wednesday, after assaulting a 16 year old boy who was also sexually molested on camera.

408 Empire also recorded Tokota Boys anthem song ‘Walitwishiba’ which narrates their gruesome acts in the hood, claiming to have taken over from the likes of Jerabo leader Youngson who died some time back.

And police are now looking for members of 408 Empire music group 3Yatatu, after they were named in the confessions at a police station in ongoing investigations and have all gone into hiding.



  1. These are the issues the Police must ensure they are nipped in the bud. Squeeze these rafians before they grow big now!!!!!


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