Police in Chipata Not lntimidated by Coffin ThreatPolice in Eastern Province have burnt a small coffin which was dumped at Chipata Central Police by an unknown person with a message demanding that their son be released from police custody.Police in Chipata last week were treated to a shocking incident where an unknown person dumped a coffin at the entrance to Chipata Central Police station demanding the release of their child who was police custody.The unidentified person dumped the coffin accompanied by a letter in which he gave police 48 hours to release the child.However, Eastern Province Police Commissioner Luckson Sakala said police are not intimidated by the incident.”The one who dropped the coffin is just wasting his time because we’ve previously arrested witches. We are actually made to be even more stronger now. This is an indication that we are doing a good job that is even scaring witches,” Mr Sakala said and revealed that the coffin has since been burnt.



  1. Very interesting reaction by the police. Let’s see what next from the intimidator who tried to intimidate the police! I am sure the fellow thought the police would scamper in all directions.


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