By PF Media

SESHEKE -Sesheke District Officer commanding Shapa Wang’uma today ordered the Police to raid Patriotic Front (PF) Youth’s Guest House.

The Officers arrived at around 07:00 hours at Brender’s Guest House and forcefully entered rooms of PF members who were sleeping and begun beating them.

Information in Sesheke indicates that the UPND candidate Romeo Kangombe connived with Mr Wang’uma to have the PF youths beaten and arrested.

It has been established that Shapa Wang’uma and the UPND candidate are family Cousins.

In unexplained circumstances, it was discovered by 10:50hrs today that the 5 nabbed UPND cadres have since disappeared from Police custody with no trace of their whereabouts or who could have opened the cells for them.

With the usual Police routine, the Officer command is mandated to to have a Police parade but to everyone’s surprise, Mr Wang’uma was no were to be seen but appeared later when Kangombe came to rescue his 5 nabbed cadres in the accompaniment of Monze Central Member of Parliament Jack Mwiimbu and Mazabuka Member of Parliament Garry Nkombo.

The raiding of the Guest House hosting PF Youths by the Police under the instruction of Mr Wang’uma was a cover up on the earlier attack of the Police Station in order to find a way of replacing the UPND culprit in custody with ordinary PF Youths.


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