Police in muchinga have picked 8 UPND youths from Shiwangandu on allegations of grabbing PF chitenge after the PF entered the Mayembe local government ward election nomination centre while the UPND candidate Cynthia Mwamba was still filling in.

The PF led by Shiwangandu district Commissioner Evelyn Kangwa stormed the nomination grounds at 11:06hrs contrary to the ECZ schedule which showed that they were only due at 14:00hrs.

This action by the Mrs Kangwa who arrived un a PF chitenge packed Hiace mini bus angered the UPND youths who demanded that the team move out of the area until its their allocated time slot.

The embarrassed District Commissioner retreated under pressure from the youths who wondered why a civil servant would be found with political party regalia at a nomination centre.

A battalion of police led by Muchinga Commissioner however made a surprise blockade of the UPND campaign team led by Northern Provincial Chairman Nathan Ilunga near Lukhaka Secondary school four hours after the incident.

The youths were all ordered out of the vehicle and told to sit on the ground prompting the youths to question the motive behind the order.

This questioning angered the Commissioner who ordered for the handcuffing of two youth leaders before pushing the entire team into three police vehicles and driving them away to Shiwangandu police station.

The charge had by press time not yet been established and efforts to have them released have intensified.


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