April 8, 2021 – Police is still investigating and looking for Pheluna Hatembo and Milton Hatembo who are alleged to have been abducted. The two are witnesses in the case were one Hakainde Hichilema is alleged to have fraudulently acquired farm number 1924 in Kalomo.

The claims in some sections of the media that the two are being held for their own safety are not true and Police is keenly following leads which will assist in the arrest of the duo.

The assertion that Police knows the whereabouts of Pheluna and Milton Hatembo is not true and should be treated with utmost disregard.

Meanwhile, Police is still holding on to four suspects namely Ackson Sejani, Fines Malambo, Javern Simooloka and Vincent Lilanda in connection with the abduction of the two witnesses. The quartet is awaiting court appearance.

Danny Mwale
Deputy Police Public Relations Officer


  1. Going to court for what ?have they been found with a mulandu or what?they are supposed to be taken to court two days after being kept in jail but why keeping them without taking them to court?it seems there is no case here.who reported them to the police?


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