Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo says Government is deeply saddened that police officers also participate on ill platforms on social media contrary to their calling of a disciplined cadre of personnel.
Kampyongo said it is unfortunate that officers opt to participate on social media thereby inciting the public to rise against the government of the day.

Mr. Kampyongo said government is working with Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA) and other stakeholders to deal with those officers found wanting of contributing to ill social media platforms.

The Minister said this when he officiated at the 2017 Zambia Police Senior Officers annual ball in Lusaka last evening.

“It has come to my attention that disgruntled police officers are also participating on social media inciting members of the general public to turn against the duly elected Head of State,” he said.

He warned that stern action will be taken against those found posting falsehoods against the government of the day.

And Mr. Kampyongo has also warned uniformed officers in the habit of drinking whilst on duty saying it is a serious offense which is denting the image of the security personnel.

And Mr. Kampyongo also delivered a special message from President Edgar Lungu that he has called for unity of purpose, discipline and productivity among the men and women in uniform in order for Zambia to attain her industrialization vision.



  1. If you are legitimate and rule to the expectations of the citizens, why should the Police get involved in rising against you? Answer me.

  2. ZICTA must not be used to victimize innocent citizens who are only exercising their right speech and of association. Ministers hailing from Katondo street can never understand peoples rights because they are criminals in nature. Decent people must not participate because if things were done decently there could be no fear of people practicing their God given rights.

  3. It’s a failed government living in fear using every oppressive method to silence the citizens but when u oppress and use barbaric acts on the citizen the end is worse than your intended goal. Lungu must watch these lunatics as they do not like him or see him as part of them It’s uubomba mwibala that motivates the likes of Kampyongo, Jean Kapata, Mumbi Phiri , Sunday chanda , Amos Chanda, Mwanza, but when Lungu is out of office the same machinery he is using will fall on him like a tone of bricks and mortar

  4. Kampyongo told the nation that if they see police act, they should know that he is behind the action, which means even in this case he is behind police inciting the public to rise against his unduly elected govt.

  5. Boss Kampyongo, this life is just too short to beat about the bush, we know you are behind the scene to sensitise the police to incite the public to be against the government of the day because you are eequally aggrieved but you have no way out to come out in open like the brave Kambwili and Kalaba who are faithful enough to warn H.E. but in your case you are cheating H.E as if you are together and yet NOT, you are just after his last coin and hidding in the name of police officers, sharm, “do you have evidence, what if they sue you for deformation, can you point at those officers which you can not point at now, watch out, you will be answerable to your police officers on this! ” be faithful to your friend so that you strategise for a better change for the betterment of our nation.

  6. these are like the last days of robert mugabe warning everybody till the army took the people in the streets of harare . he didnt believe at first but time came when he opened his eyes only to find things have changed.


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