By Karen Makasa

THE Zambia Police Service says it will conduct its own investigations into the murder of Airtel Zambia information and communications technology expert Chilomba Chitiya.

There’s speculation on social media over Chitiya’s death, with some disclosing that one of their friends identified as Joseph Banda, was the one arrested in connection with the murder because he was found with the deceased’s vehicle.

But police spokesperson Esther Mwata Katongo said every death usually had different stories, but advised those with information on the murder to come forward because the police would conduct their own investigations.

Chitiya, 32, was on Saturday found dead hours after telling his workmates that some government agents were after his life.

He had before his death confided in his friends in a WhatsApp group that “they are watching us, the government is killing us.”

At 00:11am on Saturday, Chitiya posted: “They are watching us.”

And at 00:12 am, he posted another, “The government is killing us.”

But there was no response from any member of his group.

He later posted again at 00:27 am: “Movie they want to kill me. They want to kill me. Government…”, before posting the last message at 00:28 saying, “Guys help, please.”

Katongo, who said police had not found any injury on Chitiya’s body, would rely on a postmortem to know the cause of death.

“With the coming of social media, every death has a lot of different stories. We will always conduct our own investigations and advise accordingly. Those with information which they feel will be helpful should come forward and give us that information and should be ready to testify before courts of Law,” posted Katongo on the Zambia Police media WhatsApp group.

Police have since arrested Chitiya’s friend, whose name Katongo withheld, after he failed to explain why he was in possession of the deceased’s vehicle, a Toyota Allion.

Chilomba Chitiya
Chilomba Chitiya



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