Lusaka Magistrate Court says the new offense slapped on the sixteen year girl who was recently discharged of the case of idle and disorderly cannot go to trial.

Magistrate Racheal Mwansa says the State and accused persons must reconcile because the amount of the property involved is
too little.

Last week, the state entered a nolle prosequi in a case in which the girl was accused of idle and disorderly conduct for passing by a police station in a miniskirt.

She and her aunty were then slapped with one count of malicious damage to property for allegedly damaging two padlocks valued at K70 during an alleged disagreement at the police.

But when the duo pleaded not guilty, the court questioned how the state will proceed with a case involving 70 kwacha, adding that it is a misdemeanor.

The court urged the State and the defence to reconcile the two parties ‘and suggested that the accused persons must admit the charge through a
plea bargain.



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