Police have instituted investigations into the video circulating on social media in which deceased musician David Phiri popularly known as DAEV is being assaulted by two women.

Police Spokesperson Esther Katongo has confirmed that police have taken interest in the said video and will ascertain what transpired on the fateful day.

In the video, Daev is seen in a kneeling position while receiving some lashes from two ladies, one of whom has been identified as singer Yo Maps’ current girlfriend.

The ladies excitedly whipped Daev as one of them declared that she had no mercy for him.

Behind the scenes was another guy who was filming the ordeal while seemingly enjoying the abuse that was being inflicted on Daev, as he promised that the content would not be leaked to anyone.

It is yet to be known when the video was taken.



  1. Insansa shinya ubulanda. They were excited. laughing and dancing when they forced the young man to kneel down and plead for forgiveness. Very sad state of affairs and that is why marriages do not last nowadays. It is due to influence which has not been analysed to determine the pros and cons. How do you help your friend to beat her boyfriend.

    What is happening to our girl-child? They shall one day be mothers to sons and I do not think it would please them to see their sons being whipped at the mercy of a woman. Very sad indeed. Ukwangangala mwangala should not make you blind to forget that he’s also someone’s son, brother, sister, nephew and uncle.

    Very sad indeed.


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