1. Can you find sensible to talk about. One minute you say HH is too slow in making appointments then now you turn around and blame the appointments. Something seriously wrong with you. Get over your bitterness and disappointment.

  2. Someone with a criminal record can not be trusted to provide credible checks and balances. Sean should first go to Botswana and clear himself from criminal activities.

  3. Sean Tembo is specialising in masturbation. In the same speech he criticises HH for lack of consultation in making decisions and then he says HH should just sell the presidential jet without consulting parliament or cabinet. Sean Tembo picks petty issues to project himself as intelligent. It is a pity the media he invites to his circus briefings dont ask him hard questions!! My goodness me this Sean Tembo had 11 items to rant about wasting people’s time!!! He talks of taxing those who win 100,000. How does he know if by the time they win 100,000 they have spent 210,000 betting? Total nonsense. If you bet, it is called voluntary taxation!!

  4. You comments mean that you all watched the video. But why watch someone you call all those names. And from the comments it seems you do follow his commentary. I think you do learn something eventhough you hate the man.

    • This why you lost elections because you thought social media was a non factor and did not want to listen and follow what you opponent was up to, if only you had taken interest you could have learnt something, as I post this comment how are you settling in opposition, remember if don’t handle you loss well you will end up like unip and mmd.

    • Very true @ Six.Two. Sean has become a thorn in some people’s sides, exactly because he raises pertinent issues! If he were just an empty tin head, no one would seek to shut him up. It’s laughable!

      • @Zenia, you seem to be in love with Sean. What pertinent issues has he raised that makes him a thorn on people’s sides? Political Opponents hacking his Facebook account? Oh, common be serious. He is a nonentity with ZEROs on his ugly forehead.

        • It’s actually “Zennia”, if you don’t mind! Deliberately misspelling people’s names is a form of aggression! You don’t need to be aggressive!

          So, of Mr Tembo – if he is a “nonentity” with zeros attached to his name, why is he ruffling your feathers? Also, please note: am not in love with Mr Tembo. I keenly read his interesting articles & find them informative; I actually think he is very intelligent. And just because you guys would prefer everybody to concur with your often blinkered point of view – does not mean I will follow suit like a goat! Sorry.


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