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Antiretroviral therapy remains the only proven way of managing HIV/AIDS

Smart Eagles Reporter

American Ambassador to Zambia, His Excellency Mr Daniel Foote says only two cases of HIV in the history of the virus have come out negative after testing positive.

Ambassodor Foote said going by documented findings and evidence, any other means of attempting to treat the disease had not yielded desired results and urged especially men of the cloth to give out the right messege regarding HIV to their congregants so as to save their precious lives.

He said God in his infinite mercy and wisdom had made it possible for Antiretroviral treatment to be discovered so that his Children could access the medication and live long and healthy lives even after contracting the disease.

Mr Foote said this at a joint media briefing between the American Embassy and the Ministry of Health, held at Hotel Intercontinental in Lusaka this morning.

And in response to a Journalist who said a man had killed himself because he did not have enough money to sustain purchasing a product known as the Sondashi Formula, Ambassodor Foote urged citizens who tested positive for HIV to immediately seek Antiretroviral therapy which was being given for free at health institutions and not be drawn into trail and error methods of managing the disease.

He stated that Antiretroviral treatment had become so effecrive that in just 2 weeks of therapy, a patient was able to achieve viral load suppression and not be able to transmit the virus to their Partners or unborn children.

He wondered why given the progress that had been made in the management of the disease through ART, which was being administered for free, anyone would want to go and buy drugs which had not been certified as treatment for HIV/AIDS.

And speaking at the same event, Health Minister Dr. Chitalu Chilufya said there was no known cure for HIV/AIDS and that Government through the Ministry of Health was doing due diligence and testing and examining any claim of a cure that had been brought forth.

“As we Speak, there is no known cure for HIV in this county. We are subjecting any claim to due diligence through processes that are well laid down.”

“There are processes of safety, processes to prove efficacy, clinical trails. There is no chemical, no compound, no drug in this country today that has been proven to cure HIV/AIDS and Let nobody be Misled. If you are positive, start ARVS, it’s the surest way to get viral load suppression, the surest way to protect your immunity, the only way of not passing the virus to your partner,” he said.


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