– A man took over his wife’s maternity photoshoot after she refused to participate (for an unknown reason)

– According to Valentin Bosioc, who posted the photoshoot images to Facebook, the man had already paid for the shoot and didn’t want the money to go to waste

– Facebook users filled up the comments section with tags as they found the expecting father’s photoshoot to be absolutely hilarious

Pregnancy and childbirth are regarded as miracles by many and in recent years people enjoy marking these momentous occasions. Be it through videos, photos, scrapbooks or social media countdowns, parents-to-be always find a way.

A very common way to remember these amazing times are photoshoots that show off the beauty of carrying a baby. There are times where mothers just don’t want to share these moments or are not in the mood due to many differing circumstances.

This happened recently when a couple booked a maternity shoot. The pregnant lady refused to participate in the maternity shoot but her husband had already paid for it. So he did the next best thing, he did the photoshoot!

This man took over his wife’s maternity shoot after she refused to do it.

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