President Edgar Lungu has surprised a budding artist who has drawn a detailed portrait of President Lungu by calling her on the phone.

President Lungu encouraged Mercy Gondwe to pursue her artistic passions.

He called the twenty year-old artist, from Chimwemwe in Kitwe.

President Lungu offered to buy some of the works that Mercy Gondwe has done.

President Lungu also encouraged Mercy to continue with her passion and talent and said government was keen to promote all forms of arts in the country.

Meanwhile Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hon Joseph Malanji has donated an undisclosed amount to Mercy.

He requested Mercy to pick the money from his accountant in Kitwe.

Mercy had drawn a detailed portrait of President Lungu.


  1. If ECL’s portrait painting had not been among her works, the egoistic President of the Republic of Zambia would not have called her. Those arguing with me, would he have called her if he had found an accurate depiction of diabetic ridden puffy mbwili or boardroom-cool-collected looking chimo chimo?????


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