President Edgar Lungu is this morning expected in Parliament to address the House and the nation at large on national values and principles.

This is in line with Article 9 (2) of the Constitution of Zambia.

Various stakeholders will be expecting the President to emphasize the strengthening of the country’s values and morals for the country to continue upholding morals which are based on biblical principles.

The Zambia National Women’s Lobby says it expects the President to comment on the continued revelations of misappropriation of public funds by senior government officials.

Organisation Executive Director Juliet Chibuta said this is important because corruption breeds inefficiency and distorts decision-making connected with public investment processes, thereby undermining development outcomes.

She said her Organisation anticipates that the President will provide guidance on how the increasing poverty levels triggered by the high cost of living can be mediated because High poverty levels are a concern for all because it affects women the most.

Mrs. Chibuta said the Zambia National Womens Lobby also expect that the President will address the challenge of violence during elections which appears to have taken root as evidenced by the just ended by-election in Sesheke District, where many people were injured.

She said Violence discourages women from taking part in electoral processes both as candidates and voters.

And, Ms. Chibuta says as the House prepares to commence the process of amending the Constitution, Zambia National Womens Lobby expects the President to provide guidance on this important process.

“Of prominence to us is Article 60 (1 b and c) which provides for political parties to conduct primary elections for the selection of candidates for election or nomination to state office. Zambia National Womens Lobby has observed that most women candidates who go through primary elections get dropped by higher organs of the political parties”, she observed.

She said Article 60 (1 b and c) be amended to obligate political parties to adhere to the outcome of the primary elections. We further recommend the inclusion of principles of gender equality.

Mrs. Chibuta said additionally, Article 253 (1) (a) on equitable access to land and associated resources should be amended to enhance equity in land allocation.

She observed that in its current state, this law favours citizens with finances who are mostly men.

Mrs. Chibuta said her Organisation also looks forward to hearing the President’s position on how the principle of equality is being addressed, through the implementation of the Gender Equity and Equality Act.

She said there is need to set up the Gender Equity and Equality Commission for the Act to be operationalized adding that they await to hear from the Head of State on these and other matters of national importance.


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