_…paint your town red and you defeat all pf reactionaries…._

James Kasanda Musendeka Lukuku, RPP President

Wake up in the morning, wear a upnd / Bally T-shirt and be identified. In a two months time pf will be no more.

Be courageous, be brave and be confident.

Don’t be cheated that President HH is not doing his best in outreach. The President is working and he is on radio everyday. Those who shot Lawrence Banda are the ones hallucinating that he should come out. Time for our next Republican President HH to come out will come.


You must understand that you and me we actually have no real brutal and ruthless enemies out there. Our President is carrying a different story. Every week that passes, is the more pf leaders are losing sleep due to Ballyphobia.

Some corrupt ministers it has been brought to our understanding have even lost appetite for food one year before general elections just because of Ballyphobia.

You must thus understand the strictness of security that our President HH will have to carry with him in such a dense swamp of crocodile infested waters.

Sata was Sata and President HH is President HH. I personally don’t think President HH should begin to imitate other politicians in interpreting his political journey, philosophy, duty and obligation. Let him be unique and play his game and do his own thing.

We are blessed to have Mr William Banda with us and its high time the party put him to real function. In 2009 before Mr William Banda became MMD Provincial Chairman, MMD women were carrying their chitenge materials in handbags, and could only put them on at specific place of function. Mr William Banda came to change things as Provincial Chairman as MMD took control of Lusaka and freely we could move in mmd regalia.

Let us start wearing Party uniforms.

Especially those who shop from low crime areas like shopping malls it is ideal for you to spread the Bally T-shirt deliberately. Even in our compounds where pf thieves cant group themselves and attack let’s take advantage. Finally we shall create a new normal of upnd regalia in all markets. And that’s how pf story will end in Lusaka and Copperbelt provinces.

Go to Soweto. Find a cheap red T-shirt costing K10, take it for print for K30 and wear it. Mu opposition yalikosa and we must all supplement secretariat efforts.

The Republican Progressive Party RPP as an alliance partner of the upnd will unveil our Bally support T-shirts soonest.

James Kasanda Musendeka Lukuku, RPP President



  1. That’s good,President Lukuku. I think the UPND Media Unit should up its game. It’s now taking the alliance partner to do all the defending and attacking. Bally is really doing all his best, but the UPND media team is letting everyone down. When Bally is being relentlessly attacked by idiots like Sunday Chanda, the UPND media team was supposed to not only come out guns blazing in defense, but ferociously counter attack and tear Sunday Chanda to pieces. Fish out the idiot’s skeletons from the closet and pound him into silence. Be aggressive.
    Have two units:
    1. The Fixing Team should focus on propagating measures of how the Bally government will fix the shattered economy.
    2. The Media Team which should be the propaganda unit. This is the unit which should go after idiots like Sunday Chanda and the whole PF cartel and destroy it.
    Have sharp shooters in both units. Have intelligent and knowledgeable shooters. Utilize president Lukuku and others of like mind.


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