We appeal to Patrotic Front to stop spreading falsehoods specifically to the article on social media purporting President HH yet to suspends his Vice President. We urge you to concentrate on rebuilding your sinking boat.

We know you are loosing your brains because of Roan seat loss but hey its reality and the earlier you accept the better. Its signal for your exit.

UPND has a clear way of resolving internal matters and not through social media and by the way since when did you become the spokesperson for UPND or late alone the news out let? In the audio on Social media the Vice President Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba popularly known as GBM was merely admonishing individuals that use his name and that of President Hakainde Hichilema to stop it. He was encouraging people to work as a team and not spread false hoods. Is that wrong as a leader to give directions?

Copperbelt is on fire and PF knows they have lost it they want to bring confusion in the Northern block. They want to prevent the revolution reaching the Northern block as such they will sponsor all sorts of propaganda and hate speech. You wont separate HH and GBM.

We know what PF is up to but be rest assured that this revolution is nation wide.

UPND must concentrate on mobilising and ignore the PF propaganda. Their house (PF) is on fire and they think they can spread it to our house (UPND).

Let’s be united than ever. People Power our Power.

Save Zambia support and vote UPND.


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