Kings Malembe Writes


I know things are tough and rough, but I can confidently say it’s just but for a season.
With this intelligence am witnessing in H.E HH7 Bally the future is luminous.

Sir you did well to go to UN and deliver that brilliant speech .

Let’s give Him time country Men and women , the fruits will be visible and tangible for all to see.
God bless our country Zambia.

Wow! wow! Wow! What a mind!


  1. Just so you know, that is what right thinking Zambians saw many years back, when you were singing praises for the visionless mwankolwes.

    • Kings!!Please, stay away from him…from UPND…YOU ARE A DISEASE, YOU ARE A CONMAN,!!Stay away!!!!!You had your chance to con those bochochos..not these guys,No!!!

      • True! Stay far away from our Bally… if you want to praise him do it in your heart and not parade it. Very dangerous humans such are. You called him names not long ago satanist bla bla bla…and that still hurts so bad. Please, go away…nonsense

  2. Iwe Kings you don’t have to tell us what we knew even before he left for the US. That is the material we put in state house. So who are you briefing? sorry your brief is not welcome. Viva team 2.8, we will extend the team to 4.2 in 2026.


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