By Prudence Siabana

President Hakainde Hichilema has maintained that he is being methodical in his appointments for administration positions to ensure those that take up such roles in different sectors are knowledgeable.

Speaking during a live Radio program on Phoenix FM this morning as part of his interaction with the public, President Hichilema says this is also one way to make sure those appointed are qualified to avoid mismanagement and abuse of authority by those appointed as was the case with the previous government.

President Hichilema says Zambians should exercise patience when it comes to making changes as government is trying to correct the mess which was left by the previous government.

The head of state has assured that within a short time, more people will be appointed to fill up the gaps of those that have either been recalled or fired.

Further, the head of state indicated that he has not forgotten about women in leadership positions and has assured Zambians to expect more women in the next appointments.

Meanwhile, President Hichilema has disclosed that beginning next year, government will for the first time ever embark on providing scholarships funds at constituency level.



  1. UNFORTUNATELY Zambia is not a Meritocracy, but a Democracy. This means that consideration must be had to the various Classes of people, as well as the Regional and Tribal inclinations of the People, so as to have a Representative System, Institutions, Structure, Laws and Personnel to Operate the Zambian State Craft!


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