President Edgar Lungu this morning held a special Cabinet meeting with a selected group of cabinet ministers at State House.

The special Cabinet meeting was held to get an update on the impact of the Covid-19.

And Cabinet has resolved to implement the strict measures that were announced by President Lungu yesterday during his address to the nation.

The sitting arrangement during the special cabinet meeting was in conformity with specified social distancing in the wake of the Covid-19

President Lungu announced the closure the three International Airports, except the Kennneth Kaunda International Airport.

The Head of State also announced the closure of bars, night clubs, gyms, and restricted the operations of restaurants to takeaway services.

President Lungu also said that public gatherings such as weddings and funerals will be restricted to 50 people and subject to the approval of Police.

The measures are effective midnight today.


  1. While this is good to avoid Covid 19 in our dear country, the powers that be should not go half way amd pretend like they do not know th ripple effect of these measures. For instance lets start with
    1. RENT – a) most if not all business in these sectors listed use rental properties to conduct there businesses. What happens to their rental agreements?
    b) most if not all the employees from these businesses stay in rented houses and their employers have placed them on leave without pay or giving them a small allowance not more than K500, as is the case with Protea Hotels. how are they going to manage? The Minister Simukoko today made a statement to the effect that all employers should follow the labour laws of our country. How is this possible when the employers will not be making any money?

    2. Loans – a) Debt Finance. most of these closed businesses like any sensible business rely on debt finance from various financial institutions. Without any income they will default. The interest will continue to accrue. They will reported to the CRB as being delinquent. The same applies to their employees who have similarly borrowed?
    b) Creditor Finance. What happens to other creditors such as suppliers of goods and services like stock, malaiti, manzi, security etc


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