Catholic Priest Fr Charles Chilinda has appealed to the UPND members and leadership to accept the election victory of President Edgar Lungu.

Fr Chilinda said in an interview that the UPND supporters should accept the re-election of President Lungu because he was dully and legitimately elected as President.

He said the continued refusal by the UPND to accept President Lungu’s as Head of State is a recipe for anarchy.

Fr Chilinda said the UPND supporters and leadership are being Unchristian by failing to accept President Lungu’s victory.

[su_quote cite=”Fr Chilinda said.”]Even in our lives as Christian, we are commanded to respect our leaders because they are chosen by God. UPND members should appreciate that president lungu was a gift from God. What the UPND is doing is Unchristian and they must stop because Zambians don’t want bloodshed,[/su_quote]

He has since challenged the UPND to accept President Lungu’s re-election because he was legitimately elected by Zambians.

Father Chilanda has also apologised for the action of CONCOURT judges and says this will go in history as the most embarrassing judicial scandal where judgment was passed where there was no judgement.



  1. You need to get a life and stop misleading people by saying its god that chose president ECL then why we’re Zambians asked to vote if it was gods will! And what about all the dictator president all over the world that ve seen do all horrible things to people are you telling us that God chose them, being a priest has now become big business were you guys are not ashamed to do anything for fame and money what un embarrassment you are

  2. After bribing u & u start support ecl.why was he going 2 de witch doctor? z that de God’s will? evrything he z doing z illegal .which God are u talking about,may be other gods with small letter g.hahahaha…!

    • Ikona Image where do you know me from for you to talk about pressure in my life and what exactly type of pressure! Look here am intitled to my opinion wheather you agree with me or not, and you if want un argument try and challenge me on what I ve written not about my personal life you don’t know anything about! So you get yourself a life this page is about discussing issues not bringing one another down shame on you

  3. U Dont force pipo u lead to respect u.just b honest and respect yo pipo as a leader and they wil respect u more than u want to.if a father in the home owez wants to compete with his son,that father is stupid


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