Patriotic Front Member who is former UPND Vice President, Dr. Canisius Banda has laughed off talk by the UPND that he joined the PF because of hunger, as preposterous.

Dr. Banda said he is a qualified medical doctor, a product of the University of Zambia who is a masters degree holder in public health and that he is a lecturer at several institutions of learning such as UNZA, a CV which clearly shows that talk of hunger in his life is just wishful thinking by the desperate opposition .

He said when he served in the UPND , he used personal resources which had even caused his wife to complain many times .

He said even his colleagues would tell him not to use personal resources but that he had continued to do so because of his belief in what he was doing .

He said it was therefore desperation that was causing the UPND to tell non truths about him and urged them to focus on issue based campaigns .

He said had he been the type of person that joined causes for wealth purposes, he would have joined PF the very first time he left MMD to Join UPND .

He said the UPND actually owed him a dept of gratitude because he had helped to remove the stench of tribalism from their leader HH, the time he served as his Vice President .

He said HH was a tribalist without a shred of doubt which was why the UPND were habitually adopting Tongas as their candidates for elections at all levels .

He urged the ECZ to take keen interest in the manner the UPND had adopted their candidates because it was definitely a security risk to the nation .

Dr. Banda has since urged the people of Zambia to make proper choices and not to make a mistake they would live to regret their entire lives .

“Tiliko pa bwino inu antu. But ukankala pa bwino , po ipa pa itana. Don’t make a mistake!,” He said


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