President Edgar Lungu has offered a sum of K250 000 to whoever will provide any credible information leading to the arrest of the suspected individuals behind the gassing of households.

He said this on arrival at Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe International Airport.


ECL writes…
Fellow Citizens,

“I am warning those behind the gassing of innocent citizens in selected parts of the Country that their days are numbered. Whatever your motivation, we are closing in on you. We will find you and you will pay for your criminal activities”

“To all those daring me as President, you will have yourselves to blame when I act and no one will speak for you. You cannot injure society and expect to go free”.

“Let me restate that there is K250,000 cash to anyone with any information on people behind this menace.”

“Lastly, I want all citizens to be assured that I will do everything it takes to protect you as that is my number one responsibility.”




  1. Wrong strategy Mr President!
    It’s one thing to be concerned but how you go about floating a bounty on those behind the same is crucial.
    Is this not supposed to be announced by the police IG?
    It is also public knowledge that your ministers have been wearing ritual charms from a self-confessed killer! What are you doing about them? Could these charms be the ones behind ritual murders?

  2. A 14-yr-old boy is already in custody for gassing Northmead Primary Sch. If he is old enough to commit a crime, he’s old enough to talk. He will therefore explain his motive and if he’s part of a large group.

  3. Where is the crime or criminal profiling by the CID. Just from that alone we would be halfway to knowing and understanding the criminals.
    The biggest problem with Zambia Police, today it’s now catching up with them negatively, is they arrest to investigate unlike proper Police work where Police investigate to arrest. This has come about Police nepotism in police recruitment where just because you are a child of a policeman you are automatically guaranteed placement irregardless of your fails or poor results academically.
    Look at our so called flying squad, a term borrowed from UK Police, the way they carry out their works. Very unprofessional, more like criminals, remind me of street kids. Simply put they terrorize the the very public they are supposed to protect.
    Criminal or crime profiling is very essential in catching criminals. ZP profile the this crime, you have the evidence.

  4. This sounds like a joke why not Give it to Sunday Chanda since he said it was UPND. It looks like the gassing was sponsored so that we blame it on the UPND!

    • Exactly my thoughts Tom!
      Moreover, you can see that HH is more presidential than ECL! A serious matter like this being addressed casually at Airport tarmac instead of doing a formal address to the nation the way HH did. These gassing attacks have the same pattern with the Market fires that rocked the country not long ago where a threatened state of emergency was even declared. In the end we saw what the actual motive was – to frame and arrest political opponents and to sneak in Fire Tenders at inflated prices, thereby defrauding the people of Zambia!
      We can also see that these gassings have a sinister motive – to achieve the ends of Bill 10 seeing it has failed before it even starts. If Sunday Chanda is telling the truth, why float this money? Moreover, the police have nabbed enough suspects to help with leads into this investigation. In fact, the IG should be the one to announce the bounty of K250,000 not Mr ECL! (I’ll only say Dr ECL if his actions and words match the criteria for the honorary doctorate which is “Good Governance.” So far it’s at Zero especially when he denies the opposition freedom to engage the electorates to campaign freely.) Police is struggling to do their work because of political meddling by the executive!
      Can Mr Kateka address the nation as a matter of urgency with the required level-headedness! Farmers are afraid of moving with sprayers in their vehicles because of fear of being attacked. As long as there is no credible information coming through from Boma, the mobs will fill in the blanks and more innocent lives will be lost! The blood of innocent Zambians burnt is crying for vengeance! Can we for once see our leaders show leadership! MOH has not given a Health Alert on what First Aid to give to those suspected to be gassed! Can we be seen to be serious!


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