Macdonald Chipenzi

By Macdonald Chipenzi

Today the nation was awash with the PF SG Davies Mwila’s announced rejection of some of the NDF Draft Constitution clauses among them the re-introduction of Deputy Ministers, introduction of a Coalition Govt, Resignation of Civil Servants 2 years before an election if they wish to seek elective political office and the removal of the multi religious character of Zambia from the current Constitution.

This position is welcome to us though we still disagree with all of the clauses the Party has embraced like the election of mayors/chairpersons by Councilors, stay on of MPs and Ministers up to the election day among others.

This position exposes the Ministry of Justice and Attorney General’s office as sponsors of the Bills and will heighten suspicions, speculations and interests of these two offices to arrogantly table such a Bill.

PF includes the Central Committee chaired by the President and composed of Vice President of the Republic and party, members of the Central Committee which include some cabinet Ministers, provincial chairpersons and the other component of PF is the cadres, sympathisers and general membership.

All these have decided to distance themselves from the Likando Kalaluka and Given Lubinda sponsored NDF Draft Constitution with its obnoxious clauses.

The question is, who is pushing Hon Given Lubinda and Attorney General Likando Kalaluka to impose the Bill on Zambians which contains obnoxious clauses which, even the ruling party is against?

Did the Cabinet sit to deliberate on this Bill before releasing or gazetting it for public consumption? Soon, fingers will point to the right culprits and pushers.

For now, let us all reject all obnoxious clauses and demand for the total withdraw of the NDF draft Constitution. LAZ has already spoken.


  1. The correct position is to reject the sham NDF and its proposals. Dont be tricked by PF when they only reject some proposals they sponsored. The proposals they want to maintain such as entitling ministers to continue holding office until a new government is elected is meant to keep these ministers so that PF can use state resources for PF campaigns and vote buying ventures.

    As already observed by others, dont allow the PF to be both the referee, the player and match commissioner.


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