By Barotseland Broadcasting Network,
Intelligence Reporter


Zambia’s President Mr. Edgar Changwa Lungu is tomorrow 8th February, 2019. Expected to visit Barotseland to drum up support for the Patriotic Front candidate Dean Masule in the fourth coming Sesheke by- election which will be held on 12th February, 2019 following the death of UPND MP, Hon. Frank Simona Kufakwandi last year.

According to a programme seen by Barotseland Broadcasting Network (BBN), the Zambian president will begin by visiting Mongu where he is expected to meet with His Majesty the Litunga, King of Barotseland Lubosi Imwiko II, in a bid to frustrate the current efforts been made to free Barotseland from Zambia. The Zambian president wants to bribe the Litunga so that he stops concentrating on the liberation efforts currently being persuaded by him and the people of Barotseland.

The Zambian President will make his first visit to Barotseland in the year 2019 and since Barotseland Prime Minister Mukela Manyando was appointed into office with instructions to engage the Zambian leader over many issues affecting Barotseland and its people as equal partners.

Mr. Lungu he is expected to return to Lusaka the same day and as he is scheduled travel on Saturday to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to attend the African Union, 32nd Ordinary Session of the Heads of State and Government Summit.

Meanwhile, information obtained from the office of the Litunga in Limulunga says that the Litunga do no longer want to meet or hear anything from Lungu anymore that Lungu is a crook and can not be trusted anymore.

The sources have also told Barotseland Broadcasting Network that the Litunga is so annoyed with Lungu and he has since told the Zambian emissaries that he doubts if he will manage to meet with their leader (Lungu ) as he also has a busy schedule tomorrow. It’s not yet clear whether president Lungu will pass through Mongu tomorrow or he will just go straight to Sesheke for his political activities since the Litunga do not need him.

The relationship between the Zambian leader, president Edgar Lungu and the Litunga of Barotseland Edwin Lubosi Imwiko II has now gone too sour than it used to be before to an extent that the two leaders no longer more talk to each other on phone.



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