maiko zulu

By Maiko Zulu


President Lungu’s response to the action by Ministers and former Ministers who are defying the Court’s ruling to pay back our money is very disappointing and disrespectful to the rule of law. As Head of State he is expected to be the first one to respect the judgement by the Courts. No wonder his ministers have the guts to reduce the Courts and the Judges to spectators in the judicial system.

The President has also gone further to reduce the citizens’ rejection of Bill No.10 to a PF/UPND fight. I dont belong to either PF or UPND just like many other Zambians and I don’t support Bill 10 so in the eyes of Mr Lungu, the rest of us dont exist.

The President needs to be reminded that Zambia is bigger than PF and UPND and labelling anyone who opposes bad laws as UPND is demeaning to concerned citizens who raise issues he is not comfortable with. The arrogance by the once humble leader is in very bad taste. By saying they have the numbers to vote for the bill, one cant help thinking that he probably knows the outcome already and which MP’s will vote for the bill. Maybe some opposition MP’s have been bought off….me I dont know teacher.



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