Chief Hamaundu of Pemba district of Southern Province says President Lungu will emerge victorious in the fourth coming General Election for 2021.

And Chief Hamaundu says he will continue working closely with the government of the day. Speaking via Smart Eagles live streaming on Facebook , Chief Hamaundu said he is convinced beyond doubt that President Lungu will bounce back in power because of the many developmental projects the government is implementing across the country.
The Southern Province based Chief said Pemba district has enjoyed unprecedented infrastructure development under President Lungu’s tenure.

He further stated that President Lungu’s good governance record has led to the construction of two health facilities in Pemba district. Chief Hamaundu alleged that Pemba district has not received any form of support from the opposition who criticize the Head of State.



  1. When a chief turns himself into a predictor that the current president will win the presidential election in 2021, then know this chief has been bribed and corrupted by the ruling party. Mumwambile mwami oyu kuti the money used to build clinics in Pemba district doesn’t belong to Lungu or PF. Even the money PF may have given to this chief to make false claims has been stolen from public funds which belong to all the people of Zambia. Tell this chief that he should not expect the opposition to build clinics in Pemba when the opposition is not yet mandated to administer public funds from taxpayers money. If this chief wants to compare PF leadership from the opposition leadership then he has to ask the opposition how they intend to deliver development and good governance in Zambia and Pemba once elected in power. Can this Chief inform the nation if the clinics in Pemba are well stocked with appropriate medicines and human resources to deal with all the major health needs of people in Pemba district? Not long ago this same chief claimed that HH would dethrone Chief Chitimukulu before checking and confirming the information he based this claim on? This public display of ignorance by this chief and other similarly corrupted chiefs will lead such chiefs shooting themselves on their chests soon!!


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